Professional Biography

Clarissa LaFitte is a new first year graduate student from Ventura, California who is currently pursuing a Masters in Media and Public Communication with a concentration in Strategic Communication. During her undergraduate career, she studied Communication Studies while minoring in Theology and Religious Studies at the University of San Diego. While studying at USD, she gained a huge love for children’s media effects and social media which led her to developing a great interest in finding ways to use media for advocacy, education, and storytelling for future generations. With these interests, in the Summer of 2021, she was inspired to work for two companies: The Skin Queue in Ventura, California and Shore Buddies, in San Diego, California, where she got the opportunity to help manage social media accounts in both beauty and child-education/social change industries. Going forward she hopes to use her experiences and education to work as a communication specialist or social media manager in a nonprofit organization, a university, or within children’s media companies like that of Disney. Clarissa loves butterflies and during her free time enjoys drawing/painting, reading, and watching movies (especially anything Disney). :)