Eric Gould


What I do

Teach classes for undergraduates and graduate students (Ph.D and M.A) on modern and contemporary international literature, cultural studies, and interpretation theory.


20th and 21st century literature in English (and translation into English): fiction, drama, critical theory; cultural studies, interpretation theory; history and theory of higher education

Professional Biography

Anglo-Greek by birth, dual citizenship (U.S. and U.K.), lived and worked/researched in U.K., New Zealand, Australia, France, U.S. Married to Diane Susan Wasser. Twenty-six years in senior administrative positions in U.S., 50 years university teaching experience, author/coauthor of eight books. Facilitate four community international fiction discussion groups.


  • Ph.D., English Literature, University of London (King's College), 1972
  • MA, English Literature, University of Auckland, 1965
  • BA, English Literature, University of Auckland , 1964


Research has included a focus on the work of Edmond Jabes, literature and mythography, 20th/21st century fiction, and cultural studies. Also last two book length research projects on (a) the philosophy and practice of contemporary higher education; (b) globalization, ethics, and academic internationalization.

Featured Publications

Gould, Eric. Mythical Intentions in Modern Literature . Princeton, N.J., USA: Princeton University Press, 1987: 290 pages.
Gould, Eric. “The University, the Marketplace, and Civil Society.” The Business of Higher Education: Leadership and Culture Praeger 1 (2009): 1-29.
Gould, Eric. The University in a Corporate Culture . Yale University Press, 2003.


  • Fiction as Ontology: Edmond Jabès's Book of Questions
  • Higher Education and Purposeful Ethics
  • Modernism and Literary Theory
  • Professor or Knowledge Worker?: The Politics of Faculty Work
  • The Stylization of Desire


  • Senior Scholar in the Arts, University of Auckland
  • Postgraduate Scholar in the Arts, New Zealand Government
  • Fellow, Humanities Research Center, Australian National University, Australian National University
  • 2004 Frandson Prize for Literature , The University Continuing Education Association