Keynote Presentation with Erin Manning: "Not at a Distance: On Touch, Synaesthesia, and Other Ways of Knowing"

Past event

Audience: Alumni,  Current Student,  Faculty,  Neighbor or Friend,  Staff

"A thousand other things sing to me," writes DeafBlind poet John Lee Clark. Qualities of experience overlap. There is no distance. Everything has an effect. Everything makes a difference. A body is this quality of multisense overlap in incipient contact with an infinity of sense potentials. These sense potentials are not located in a discrete sense, or in an object. They cannot be distilled to an ear or an eye, and cannot be located in a table or a marigold. They are always between, amodal, operating as thresholds of sensation that carry intensities themselves carried in the feeling. Following autistic Lucy Blackman, and her emphasis on the verb carrying as a way of reminding ourselves that everything is always in movement, we might speak of feelings carrying the edge of consciousness, feelings not fully subtracted, not fully known-as-such, but nonetheless active and transformative, the bodying recomposed in the relation.

Erin Manning is a professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal. She is also the founder of SenseLab, a laboratory that explores the intersections between art practice and philosophy through the matrix of the sensing body in movement.

DATE: October 15

TIME: 6 to 8 p.m.

LOCATION: Craig Hall, Boettcher Foundation Community Room