U.S.-China Rivalry: Are We Going off a Cliff?

October 16

12:00pm - 2:00pm

Sturm Hall, Room 454, Lecture Hall

Audience: Current Student,  Neighbor or Friend,  Staff

The tension between the United States and China has grown to such an extent that the two great powers may be going off a cliff. All signs before and during the 2016 presidential election pointed to a reset in U.S. policy toward China, a pushback against China’s rising power, global ambition, trade practice and authoritarian model. But one should be surprised by how sharp and thorough a turn in China policy has been in Washington DC. This talk seeks to use analytical tools to provide a partial explanation for rapidly deteriorating U.S.-China relations from a historical, global and comparative perspective. Put simply, we need to examine what is going in the United States, China and the world to understand what is going on between the two countries.

DATE: October 16

TIME: 12 to 2 PM

LOCATION: Sturm Hall, Room 454

This event is free and open to the public.