Family Events

Coming Together through Art

DU PAI collaborates with Sterling Correctional Facility, Limon Correctional Facility and the Denver Complex to connect families in innovative ways. Arts-based activities in theatre, fine art and crafting allow incarcerated participants and their families to grow together creatively. Most events center around an illustrated book capturing a main theme. The events help children maintain a connection to their family member inside.

My family hasn't visited me in over two years because of how normal visiting feels. And, today I wasn't Denise the prisoner. Today I was Denise the mom, Denise the daughter.

Denver Women's Family Event Participant
DU PAI family participants.

Your support enriches lives across Colorado.


DU PAI participant works on an art project with visiting family members.

Past Events

Families connect to one another using written, visual and performed arts as vehicles for growth and exploration. Past events include:  

  • "The Bad Seed," written by Jory John, illustrations by Pete Oswald:
    Families collaborated to create a massive garden mural, crafted beautiful paper flowers and wrote hopes as seeds for the future.
  • "Where the Wild Things Are," written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak:
    Family members were crowned rulers of their own islands with handmade crowns and created maps of islands that held their wildest dreams.
  • "Olivia," written and illustrated by Ian Falconer:
    Families created their own pig puppets, shared secret talents and danced together in a wild dance party.
  • "The Sneetches," written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss:
    Families created a giant machine mural, crafted water-color creatures, interviewed each other about what makes them special and wrote notes of appreciation for each other.