Inside Out College Courses

Bridging Student Communities

The Inside Out program offers college-level courses in a collaboration between the University of Denver and the Colorado Department of Corrections. DU students take classes alongside DU Prison Arts Initiative incarcerated students. Coursework is aimed at utilizing the arts to facilitate creative dialogue and authentic human connection. 

Our inaugural course, launching in the spring of 2021, focuses on restorative justice and performance. Ten students from DU's Graduate School of Social Work will learn, work and create alongside ten students from Buena Vista Correctional Facility. 

Being able to participate in this course means bridging the gap between students in an educational institution and prison facility so that we may all explore our shared humanity, our potential, and our capacity to care for each other. Being a part of this course shows the world that prisons, and those incarcerated within them, do not have to be labeled with shame or punishment and instead can be celebrated with collaboration and empathy.

Joan Dieter, DU Graduate Student
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