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The DU Prison Arts Initiative is proud to announce The Inside Report, a news publication for Colorado Department of Corrections residents, staff and the general public of Colorado. The mission of The Inside Report is to provide an intellectually challenging forum for information, entertainment and inspiration, written by and for the people who live and work within the CDOC. The newspaper journalists and staff at Fremont Correctional Facility (FCF) strive to be good stewards of truth, while recording history and news that affects us all.

Since summer 2019, DU PAI has worked closely with a team of incarcerated reporters, designers and editors at Fremont to develop the professional and organizational skills, as well as the layout, content and journalistic approaches to support the sharing of stories of lives in and outside the walls. The Inside Report has a newsroom, five paid, full-time incarcerated staff members, a number of fully invested staff writers at FCF, as well as a network of incarcerated bureau chiefs at facilities all over the state of Colorado. Our first print publication has been distributed to leadership and incarcerated residents at every prison in Colorado.

Check out our inaugural issue, published prior to COVID-19, and stay up to date with breaking news from behind the walls at We are not yet sure when our next issue will be released, but stay up to date by signing up for the DU PAI newsletter and checking back on our website.

I feel like I have been living in a box and after starting this workshop, I am stepping outside of the box and able to look at my life.

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