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A Data Transcoding Toolkit and Spat

Timothy Weaver

The soniiDOME Project (Sonification Interactions with Deep Ocean Microbial Ecology) proposes to introduce an innovative sensorial path of inquiry for artist-scientist collaborations and the creative and scientific exploration of experiential data interactions with deep ocean microbial ecologies. The path of this art-science collaboration will span data development and analysis through data display, interaction, open source software toolkit distributions and public engagement. soniiDOME will expand the sensoria of existing methods of complex data interpretations from visual forms to interactive soundscapes as a means to explore and interpret the structures, interactions and dynamics of remote microbial communities.

Intended outcomes of this investigation include:

  1. Create and document an exemplary artist-scientist team collaboration from data development, analysis and flow through data translation to sonic and listening space outcomes related to deep ocean microbial ecologies.
  2. Develop a 'lexicon' of representation for enlightened data modeling/ simulation, display, interactions and compelling ecoinformational narratives in a shared spatiotemporal context;
  3. Foster collaboration among scientists, artists and students in microbiology, marine science, ecology, digital studies and sound arts;
  4. 'Reduction-to-practice' - demonstrate/implement methods and vehicles for expressing and displaying sonic representations of "master ecological narratives" and emerging datasets of deep ocean microbial ecology,
  5. 'Case studies' - produce workshops, software toolkit distributions, museum exhibitions, concert performances and journal papers to further a broad base of consciousness to deep ocean and biosphere research.