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Here at DU, history majors and minors examine civilizations across time and space. Through courses, community-engaged learning opportunities, study abroad, internships and research projects, students examine how historical forces construct our world—and how the past continues to shape the future.

Studying history prepares you for careers in areas as diverse as law, government, journalism, public relations, medicine, publishing, technology, business and more. We help you develop skills in critical thinking, observational and interpretive methods, problem-solving, data collection, organization and analysis. Small class sizes and a focus on undergraduate students mean that you will work closely with our faculty, who are active scholars and thought leaders in their fields.

"In the history department at DU, you will be surrounded and inspired by brilliant professors that will push you to ask the important and difficult questions about our world and your role in it."

Aristotle Johns History Major, 2018
Aristotle Johns

"Working through the senior capstone project has been the most rigorous but ultimately the most rewarding experience of my educational career. I have had the unique opportunity to wrestle with one topic for over a year and to watch my project change (for the better) on a near-daily basis."

Chaye Gutierrez History Major, 2018

"The history department faculty care deeply about their students achieving intellectually and professionally. Individualized guidance and advising provided by the history faculty gave me the tools to set my own course and build a personalized and enriching academic curriculum. Most importantly, the faculty helped me leverage my academic achievements to access diverse career opportunities."

Hayden Johnson History Major, 2015

History Major

Majors engage with many historical fields—from cultural, political and environmental history to histories of food, medicine and more. The BA in history culminates in a capstone project, empowering you to take a deep dive into a research topic that you are passionate about. Many of our students choose to pair history with a second major, such as international studies, socio-legal studies or literature.

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History Minor

The minor in history complements numerous majors, including political science, international studies, journalism, sociology and many others. Studying history allows you to gain new perspectives of the world across time and place.

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Research Opportunities

Through faculty mentorship, community-engaged learning courses, capstone projects and conference presentations, the Department of History at DU offers unique opportunities to develop professional research experience that you can apply across various careers.

Research Opportunities
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Why History?

Everything has a history. Studying history at DU means connecting past, present and future to broaden your understanding of human experience. Our active faculty mentors bring their diverse interests into the classroom, tying historical study to current research in today’s global world. One-of-a-kind departmental offerings, like the Veterans Legacy Program, connect faculty and community resources to students’ own interests, providing opportunities to apply historical study to the public good.

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Featured Stories

Traveling Through History
Traveling Through History

DU graduate Katie Bokenkamp recently completed two honors theses, one in history and one in Italian. Our study abroad programs enhanced both of her achievements. Bokenkamp is thankful for the many opportunities she had to follow her curiosity. Her advice to other DU students is simple: Give yourself permission to explore.

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DU Associate Professor of History Elizabeth Escobedo
Q&A: Race & Immigration in the US

Ahead of her Livingston Live Webinar on October 22, 2020, Elizabeth Escobedo, associate professor of history, answered some questions on the history of immigration and race in the U.S. Escobedo specializes in 20th century Mexican-American history and is the director of diversity, equity and inclusion for CAHSS. She oversees the Casa de Paz Learning Community and the Critical Race & Ethnic Studies minor program. 

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photo of cemetery with person carrying flowers
Students Share the Stories—and Legacies—of Departed Veterans

Since its inception in 2018, DU’s Veteran's Legacy Program has commemorated more than 70 veterans buried at Fort Logan in its “More Than a Headstone” (MTAH) project. It’s a number that is sure to keep growing: a new grant will keep the program going for a third year and allow the VLP to expand its outreach.

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