Bethany errickson

Bethany Errickson

Ph.D. Candidate

What I do

Bethany's poetry explores the juxtapositional qualities of the countryside and cityscape through the pastoral’s lens. She is fascinated by the sterile and medical, which sources can be traced back to her experience of being a child taking care of her ill father. She is composing a collection of poems that showcase how important location, specifically the city and countryside, is in determining childhood psychological repercussions. Overall, her work is a portrait of important relationships in life, not just with people, but with animals and the environment.

Professional Biography

Bethany Errickson is an Ph.D. candidate at DU, where she studies Writing and Literature, Poetry. She has degrees in Rhetoric and Writing, Religious Studies, and Humanities Honors with a certificate in Creative Writing from the University of Texas at Austin. In addition, she received an M.F.A. in Poetry from Columbia University. Bethany is the winner of the Roy Crane Award and an honoree in the Parker Prize in Poetry and Andrew Julius Gutow Academy Poetry Prize. Currently, she continues to write and research in preparation for her dissertation.