Why English?

Studying English at DU is about more than reading texts and writing papers. Since our classes rarely include more than 15 students, you'll receive personal attention from your professors as you develop your communication skills and learn to think critically and imaginatively. Your faculty are accomplished writers, editors and critics who regularly have their work published in prestigious journals, and mentors who are passionate about the written word in all of its forms. Paired with robust internship opportunities and advising to help you carve a post-grad niche that inspires your interests, an English degree from DU can power you to a fruitful career in a wide range of fields.

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The Value of an English Degree

As an English major at DU, you'll immerse yourself in the literary traditions of the English language, exploring texts and cultural concepts across cultural and political borders. While you learn to interpret challenging prose and the intricacies of poetry, you'll also build excellent oral and written communication skills that you can apply to almost any career field after you graduate.

In today's fast-paced digital world, the ability to write with clarity and purpose is a rare talent that is highly sought by employers across industries. From publishing and editing to journalism, marketing, consulting, law, nonprofit work and beyond, our students have gone on to thrive as professionals and engaged members of their communities.

The English program is also a platform from which you can launch graduate-level work. Whether you wish to continue your studies in English or branch out into a master's or doctorate in another field, the skills you learn as an English major will empower you to approach any subject matter with confidence.

Careers with an English Degree

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Many students in our English programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels go on to become educators at prestigious institutions around the world, often in tenure-track roles.

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English programs at DU emphasize writing abilities and creative thinking. When you finish your studies here, you'll emerge with a strong sense of voice and tone, as well as a command over various types of academic, critical and creative writing.

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Law school is a popular destination for many English majors. The communication skills and critical thinking abilities you'll gain as an undergraduate translate into creative problem-solving and the ability to analyze difficult texts, essential skills for legal students and professionals.

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Marketing & Advertising

English majors emerge from DU with a portfolio of creative and critical work that will attract employers in the lucrative marketing industry, where you can combine your language skills and creativity with entrepreneurship.

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Nonprofit Management

Our academic programs aim to cultivate a strong sense of public engagement and service, and many of our students go on to apply that philosophy to their career choices, serving as board members, executives and staff members at major nonprofits.

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