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Studying English at DU means exploring a wide range of creative and professional opportunities. From University-hosted literary publications to special academic programs in poetry and comparative literature, there's no shortage of ways for you to develop your creative skills and position yourself for a fruitful, fulfilling career.

Looking to publish your work and build editorial skills? Submit to our publications or apply for editorial positions for an introduction to the world of literary publishing. If you're pursuing discussion of a more specific topic, you can apply for the Denver School of Forms & Poetics during the summer quarter or participate in DU's comparative literature events.

denver quarterly cover art by bridget brewer; black watercolor strokes with gold lines below

Denver Quarterly

Denver Quarterly is a printed magazine of original prose, poetry, interviews and essays that receives thousands of submissions each year from writers and scholars around the world. If you're interested in entering the publishing business, joining the Denver Quarterly masthead as an editor or reader can give you a head start in a very competitive career area.

Pictured: Denver Quarterly cover art, Volume 53, Issue 2, 2019 - Bridget Brewer, Relic No. 3, gouache, calligraphy ink, and spit on paper, 11" x 17"; 2018.

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Read Foothills, DU's Journal of Student Writing

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Denver School of Forms & Poetics

Students interested in pursuing literature and aesthetics as a creative passion or career trajectory will surely be inspired by the Denver School of Forms & Poetics, a summer program that brings students together with world-class educators and guest writers to explore literary or aesthetic structure, language and voice.

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Committee for Comparative Literature

The Committee for Comparative Literature (CCL) bridges the work and interests of the Department of English & Literary Arts, the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and the Department of Spanish Language, Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Denver. CCL understands that the diverse and disparate work of languages, literatures, and cultural studies is irrevocably in conversation; our knowledge, research, and critical methodologies are enriched and made more relevant when we extend our dialogue across traditional regional or disciplinary boundaries. As a committee, we host and promote interdisciplinary and cross-cultural events throughout each academic year that support and enliven this comparative principle. 

  • Meet the Committee for Comparative Literature
    • James Gilroy, professor of French & Francophone Studies, Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures
    • Chad Leahy, assistant professor of Spanish, Department of Spanish Language, Literary & Cultural Studies
    • R. D. Perry, assistant professor of English, Department of English & Literary Arts
    • Polina Dimova, assistant professor of Russian, Russian Program Coordinator, Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures
    • Lindsay Turner, assistant professor of English, Department of English & Literary Arts
    • Kristy Ulibarri, assistant professor of English, Department of English & Literary Arts