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Apply to DU's English programs and begin a journey that will take you through a diverse canon of prose, poetry and nonfiction literature to investigate how the written word intersects with and shapes society. Whether you're an undergraduate considering an English major or a graduate student seeking to advance your inquiry into literature and writing, discover the possibilities in the Department of English & Literary Arts.

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Undergraduate Admission

As an English major at DU, you'll explore the full breadth and depth of English literature, including works in English translation, building a robust foundation in diverse texts. You'll also delve into cultural and historical interpretations of the English literary canon, contextualizing major texts in both prose and poetry while you develop strong writing and critical thinking skills.

Prospective undergraduates who are interested in studying English at DU should apply through the Common App or the University of Denver application and contact the Department of English & Literary Arts to request more information on courses and programs.

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Financial Aid

CAHSS Tuition Assistance

The College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences offers both need- and merit-based scholarships for students in DU English programs.

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DU Financial Aid

The University at large also offers aid in the form of loans, grants, scholarships and work-study positions.

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Start Your Application

Use the Common App or the University of Denver application to apply to DU as an undergraduate student.

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Graduate Program Admission

Literary Studies MA

Our master's program in English & Literary Arts features a concentration in literary studies, with opportunities to specialize in several global traditions of English literature, critical theory or genre studies.

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English & Literary Arts PhD - Literary Studies

Students seeking to augment and specify their studies of English literature can apply to our PhD program with a concentration in literary studies, with coursework and dissertation topics covering traditional literary fields, rhetoric, cultural studies, ethnic literatures and gender studies.

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English & Literary Arts PhD - Creative Writing

For creative writers who want to complement their work in prose, poetry or non-fiction with coursework in literary studies, the PhD concentration in creative writing offers opportunities to further your writing practice and develop a robust portfolio of written work.

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For more detailed program information, please review the English department resources for prospective and current graduate students.

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Prospective Student Events

Graduate Placement

The Department of English & Literary Arts takes the placement of our PhD graduate students seriously. While obtaining a PhD is geared primarily toward placement in academic positions, we encourage our students to imagine non-traditional and boundary-pushing career trajectories as well. Our recent graduates have secured tenure-track, teaching and administrative positions at universities, colleges, community colleges and secondary schools across the U.S. Others have found fruitful careers as community engagement specialists, lawyers, physicians, editors, technical writers, and research directors for non-profit and corporate organizations.

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Apply for an English and Literary Arts Graduate Program

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Graduate Student Financial Aid

Graduate Aid from CAHSS

The College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences offers a range of scholarships, grants and other forms of financial support for master's or PhD students pursuing degrees in English and literary arts. Work-study positions are also available within the Department of English & Literary Arts after approval from our financial aid offices.

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DU Financial Aid & Awards

DU provides as much aid as possible to graduate students, allocating some $46 million in grants and scholarships for master's and PhD students. The University also offers tuition assistance for undocumented students.

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Denver School of Forms & Poetics

Assembling the insight and creativity of DU Department of English & Literary Arts faculty and guest lecturers, the Denver School of Forms & Poetics offers a two-week program featuring seminars and workshops aimed at a critical discussion of literature and aesthetics. All students are welcome to apply, but undergraduate seniors and graduate students preparing to finish their studies may find the program's intercultural reach and analysis of forms especially useful.

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