At DU, the study of English language and literature bridges the divide between critical analysis and cultural interpretation. You'll delve into a diverse range of texts from across the English literary canon, learning how composition, character, image and narrative intersect with social and historical contexts. English majors can choose to focus on one of four key areas of literary study, while students who minor in English will augment their main degree program with enhanced writing and creative storytelling practices. For graduate students, our master's and doctoral programs offer opportunities for deeper analysis or original creative writing, equipping you with the skills and knowledge you'll need to forge a career in writing, law, education, publishing, marketing or one dedicated to the literary arts.

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Undergraduate English Programs

Undergraduate students interested in reading, writing and editing are sure to be inspired by the English major at DU, which allows you to choose from four concentrations and study the literature that moves you. Alternatively, pair your degree with an English minor to add cultural context and communication skills to your scholarly resume.

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Graduate English Programs

Literary Studies MA

Our master's program in English & Literary Arts will advance your knowledge of critical texts and the literary, historical and cultural movements that shape English literature. You'll practice research and bibliographic methods that will prepare you to write a persuasive MA thesis.

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English & Literary Arts PhD – Literary Studies Concentration

Students looking to augment and specify their studies of English literature can opt for the literary studies PhD concentration in the English & Literary Arts program, which facilitates analysis, research and criticism of traditional literary fields, rhetoric, cultural studies, ethnic literatures and gender studies.

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English & Literary Arts PhD – Creative Writing Concentration

If you're looking for a program to refine your skills in narrative structure, worldbuilding, character development and control of voice while expanding your critical and interpretive approach to literary texts, the PhD concentration in creative writing may be for you.

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Denver School of Forms & Poetics

The University of Denver hosts a vibrant community of writers and readers, and each summer the Denver School of Forms & Poetics brings together students, faculty and guest scholars to discuss formal technique and the interconnections between cultures as well as literary or aesthetic styles.

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DU is home to Denver Quarterly, a printed publication of prose fiction, non-fiction and poetry, as well as Foothills, the student-run literary and visual arts magazine specifically for work by students.

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Honors & Distinction

Students can apply for the Distinction in English during their senior year, an honor that requires completion of a research thesis or lengthy creative work.

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Students have the option to pursue internships to gain practical experience and real-world skills that will expand your employment opportunities after graduation.

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