lin seller

Lindsay Zeller

Ph.D. Candidate

What I do

Generally, I am studying black humor within American war literature. I wish to determine its nature not only as a means of superiority, hostility, and relief, but also its operation within such literature and how - despite its best efforts - black humor in most war fiction still reverts to a satirical weapon against what the author sees as an injustice, assaulting the absurdities that are war and "sacred" military values.

Professional Biography

My first experience with teaching started while I was still active-duty Air Force, but it was the moment that convinced me that I should pursue teaching as a career. Since separating from the Air Force in 2014, I've taught at Pikes Peak Community (now State) College and the US Air Force Academy (USAFA) Writing Center; I am currently an English Instructor at the USAFA Preparatory School, while I finish up my dissertation prospectus and third year at DU.