Rachael aderoju

Rachael Aderoju

Ph.D. Candidate

What I do

I am a dedicated and passionate Ph.D. student in the Department of English, specializing in literary studies. My academic journey is anchored in a profound love for literature and a commitment to advancing knowledge in the field. As a researcher, scholar, and educator, I am driven by a curiosity about the complexities of literary narratives and their impact on our understanding of culture, society, and human experiences. My dissertation is currently focusing on the intersection of literature and medicine looking at how African women are presenting diseases that concern them.

Professional Biography

Rachael Aderoju (she/her) is a Ph.D. candidate focusing on literary studies. Her primary focus is exploring the intersections of literature, education, and creative writing while investigating diverse literary forms, genres, and historical periods. 

Recognizing the importance of literature beyond academia, Rachael is engaged in community outreach initiatives that promote the transformative power of storytelling. She strives to bridge the gap between the academic realm and the broader community, fostering a shared passion for literature and its ability to shape narratives.

When not researching and in class Rachael enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.