As researchers in the AACT Lab, we explore the intersection of affective and cognitive processes. Learn more about our faculty, staff, graduate students and postdocs, and see a list of our lab collaborators and alumni.

AACT Lab Director

Kateri McRae

Kateri McRae

Professor; Director, Faculty Advising; 4D Faculty RF Well-being

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Our Team

  • Graduate Students
    Nadia Kako

    Nadia Kako 






    Valeriia Vlasenko

    Valeriia Vlasenko






  • Postdoctoral Fellow
    John P. Powers

    John P. Powers, PhD








  • Lab Manager
    Alyssa Asmar

    Alyssa Asmar 








  • Alumni
    • Damon Abraham, PhD, Grad Student 
    • Sasha Zabelski, Lab Manager 
    • Ana Bedazarratz, PhD, Grad Student
    • Pareezad Zarolia, PhD, Grad Student
    • Erik Wing, Lab Manager
    • Liz Bowling, Lab Manager
    • Kelsey Shaffer, Lab Manager
    • Eric Andrews, Lab Manager
    • Detre Godinez, Postdoctoral Fellow
    • Daniel Lumian, PhD, Grad Student
    • Chelsey Pan, Lab Manager
  • Collaborators
    • James Gross, PhD
    • Kevin Ochsner, PhD
    • Iris Mauss, PhD
    • Christian Waugh, PhD
    • Richard Lane, MD/PhD
    • John Gabrieli, PhD
    • Jennifer Eberhardt, PhD
    • Oliver John, PhD
    • Rebecca Ray, PhD
    • Nicole Giuliani, PhD
    • Emily Drabant, PhD
    • Peter Sokol-Hessner, PhD
    • Jeffrey Cooper, PhD
    • Cendri Hutcherson, PhD
    • Scott Jacobs, PhD 
    • Sara A. Snyder, PsyD