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When you join the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, you join an engaged community of artists, scholars, innovators and practitioners who work toward transforming their research, fields and communities.

With programs ranging from vocal performance, creative writing and emergent digital practices to philosophy, museum curation and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES), and everything in between, the College offers opportunities for you to explore new fields and dive deeply into your existing interests. 

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Join the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

In the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, you'll learn skills and approaches you can carry forward into a wide range of careers, including visual, written and interpersonal communication, creative and critical thinking, and the strategies you'll need to make a difference. 

Whether you're focused on a particular degree path or still discovering your passions, CAHSS offers opportunities to build toward your career. Coursework in CAHSS is frequently interdisciplinary and community-engaged, offering you many opportunities to discover new pathways for your interests. You'll put your learning into practice outside the classroom through community-engaged projects, teaching and research assistantships, internships and study abroad opportunities, all of which prepare you for your future. 

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Explore Study Abroad

Ninety-four percent of College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences undergraduate students study abroad during their time at DU. Studying abroad transforms and further shapes your engagement with your major, a language you're studying, your understanding of the ways culture impacts government and society, and more.

With partner institutions around the world, and tuition matching opportunities and travel support from the Cherrington Global Scholars program, we seek to ensure that students who wish to study abroad have the opportunities and resources to do so. 

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Prospective Undergraduate Student Resources


Housing and Student Experience

Check out student housing on DU’s campus to find a community of peers to sustain you during your time at DU. You’ll also discover unique living and learning opportunities where you can further pursue your commitments to equity and social justice. 

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Courses and Programs

As you continue to discover your interests and pursue your passions, the College will support your journey through your degree. You'll develop your knowledge through interdisciplinary coursework and get to know your professors and peers, gaining the support you need to complete your degree. 

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Internships and Community-Engaged Learning

To support your future career or graduate study, we offer opportunities for hands-on learning. Many students participate in internships or community-engaged classroom opportunities, both of which can help you reach your goals. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I learn more about individual degrees and programs?

    To learn more about our programs, visit our undergraduate programs or graduate programs page, click on the card for a program, and select the Explore button for the degree you're interested in. 

  • What is a registrar? What is a bursar?

    The Office of the Registrar supports students with things related to course enrollment and degree pathways. Examples of their services include:

    • Registering for classes
    • Adding/dropping classes
    • Providing transcripts (the official record of what classes you've taken), degree verification or enrollment verification (the University confirming that you are a student in a degree program; may be needed for some scholarships or other opportunities)
    • Transferring credits* (such as credit from AP or IB courses in high school, courses you took at another school prior to enrolling or courses taken while studying abroad)
    • Declaring or changing your major(s)/minor(s)
    • Applying for graduation
    • Providing degree audits (a tool to help you understand what courses and requirements remain for you to complete your degree; can be used on your own or with the support of your academic advisor

    *Prior to taking non-DU courses and/or whenever possible, it is best to work with an academic advisor to find out if any courses you might take outside of DU will transfer and what, if any, requirements they might fulfill. 

    The Bursar's Office supports students as they pay for tuition and other academic charges, as well as supporting the distribution of some federal grants.

  • How do I choose a major or minor? What if I want to change later?

    You'll choose a major or minor based on your interests and through conversation with faculty mentors. Many students choose to pursue a double major or add a minor so they can explore multiple areas of interest.

    Once you're ready to declare a major or minor, you will need to complete the Application to Declare or Change Undergraduate Degree/Major/Minor and submit your completed form to the Office of the Registrar.

    If you decide later that you want to change your major or minor, or add an additional major or minor, you will need to complete the Application to Declare or Change Undergraduate Degree/Major/Minor again and submit that form to the Office of the Registrar.

    For more information, contact the Office of the Registrar.

Faculty Profiles

Read these stories and learn more about CAHSS faculty

Prospective Graduate Student Resources


Research and the Arts

As you pursue your graduate degree, you'll have opportunities to deepen your research or develop your craft. From teaching and research assistantships to internships to performing and publishing opportunities, our programs and faculty will share opportunities and resources to help you move your career forward. 

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Degrees and Programs

We offer a range of graduate degree options, from online certificates to artist diplomas to MA, MFA and PhD degrees. Each of our degrees offers opportunities to work with faculty who are performing innovatively and publishing prolifically, working with you to shape your contributions to your field. 

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Career-Relevant Experiences

While you're pursuing your graduate degree, you'll have extensive opportunities to apply your skills, share your knowledge with others or hone your artistry. From research in the lab and teaching in the classroom to meaningful collaborations with community partners to performance, publishing and showcase opportunities, our graduate students use their time at DU to build new possibilities. 

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Connect with Departments, Advisors and Mentors

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