Comprehensive Assessment Clinic

In this clinic, we conduct comprehensive evaluations for people experiencing a complex assortment of emotional, behavioral, social and/or academic challenges. We are able to assess for the interacting roles that psychological difficulties, life experiences (e.g., trauma, peer concerns, poverty, etc.) and learning differences may be playing in the client’s overall functioning. Our hope is to provide a detailed understanding of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and help them understand how they can best function across environments (e.g., at school, within relationships, at home, etc.).

  • Who Might Benefit from a Comprehensive Assessment:

    People who:

    • Are experiencing a variety of problems and are not sure what is causing them
    • Are seeking diagnostic clarity
    • Are experiencing a combination of psychological and academic problems
    • Are looking for recommendations that can be used to inform their mental health care and/or to increase their success in academic or professional settings
    • Are unsure what types of supports (therapeutic, academic, etc.) would best serve their needs
  • Assessment Steps
    1. An intake appointment to define the scope of the assessment and gather relevant background information
    2. 2–3 evaluation sessions that may include completing questionnaires, diagnostic interviews and objective testing activities (e.g., in some cases, an IQ test, ADHD continuous performance tests, etc.)
    3. Review of previous records, including past evaluations, school records, medical notes, etc.
    4. Conversations with teachers, therapists or other professionals who know the client well
    5. A feedback session and written assessment report with a specific focus on recommendations for future supports and interventions. Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and 504 Plan recommendations are also provided when applicable.


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The Comprehensive Assessment Clinic is currently closed to new clients.  We anticipate re-opening our wait list in the summer of 2024.

Call us at 303-871-3306 or use the form below to get started

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