Family and Child Neuroscience Lab

In the Family & Child Neuroscience (FCN) Lab, we ask the question, "How does everyday experience impact the brains of two generations?" Our research often employs MRI technology, scanning and analyzing MRI images of infants’ or mothers’ brains to better understand the ways stress and other factors impact mothers and children.


The FCN lab is an inclusive group of scientists, educators and learners who do innovative and rigorous research that serves families and the larger community.


The mission of the FCN lab is to use a multidisciplinary approach that examines psychological and neuroscientific mechanisms to empower families to make informed decisions for their well-being and to impact public health policies.


We value a collaborative, inclusive, safe and supportive environment that promotes respect, integrity and learning, both with our participants and within our lab.

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Our research about parent-child relationships has appeared in local and national publications.

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We're creating new data and knowledge for our field and we're sharing our research in journals, book chapters and other publications.

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Our team of researchers work collaboratively to develop new findings and explore our passion for neuroscience.

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