Recent articles from the Social Context & Inequality (SCI) Lab explore topics such as implicit bias, political polarization, gender stereotypes and more. Learn more about our recent work below.

  • Featured Publications
    • Vuletich, H.A., Sommet, N. & Payne, B.K. (in press). The Great Migration and Implicit Bias in the United States. Social Psychological and Personality Science.

    • Vuletich, H. A., & Payne, B.K. (2019). Stability and change in implicit bias.Psychological Science, 30(6), 854-862.

    • Payne, B.K. Vuletich, H.A., & Lundberg, K.B. (2017). The bias of crowds: How implicit bias bridges personal and systemic prejudice. Psychological Inquiry, 28(4), 233-248.

    • Vuletich, H. A., Stafford, B.A., Iruka, I.U. & Payne, B.K. (in press). Exploring the Relation between Early Childhood Education and Historical and Contemporary Racism and Bias for Black Children. Early Childhood Research Quarterly.

  • Additional Publications
    • Vuletich, H. A., Gray, K., & Payne, B.K. (2023). People's preferences for inequality respond instantly to changes in status: a simulated society experiment of conflict between the rich and the poor. Cognitive Science, 47 (6), e13306.

    • Goya Tochetto, D., Kay, A., Vuletich, H. A., Vonasch, A. & Payne, B.K. (2022). The partisan trade-off bias: When political polarization meets policy trade-offs. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 98

    • Payne, B.K. Vuletich, H.A., & Lundberg, K.B. (2022). Reply to Connor and Evers (2020): Critique of the bias of crowds model simply restates the model. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 17(2), 606-610

    • Diekman, A.B., Joshi, M.P., White, A., & Vuletich, H.A. (2021). Roots, barriers, and scaffolds: Integrating developmental and structural insights to understand gender disparities in political leadership. Invited commentary, Psychological Inquiry, 32(2), 77-82.

    • Skinner, O.D., Kurtz-Costes, B. E., Vuletich, H. A., Copping, K., & Rowley, S.J. (2021). Race Differences in Black and White Adolescents' Academic Gender Stereotypes Across Middle and Late Adolescence. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 27(3), 537-545.

    • Vuletich, H.A., Kurtz-Costes, B.E., Cooley, E., & Payne, B.K. (2020). Math and language gender stereotypes: Age and gender differences in implicit biases and explicit beliefs. Plos One, 15(9), 1-22.

    • Burnett, M., Kurtz-Costes, B., Vuletich, H.A., & Rowley, S.J. (2020). The Development of Academic and Non-Academic Race Stereotypes in African American Adolescents. Developmental Psychology, 56(9), 1750-1759.

    • Payne, B.K. Vuletich, H.A., & Brown-Iannuzzi, J.L. (2019). Historical roots of implicit bias in slavery. Proceedings from the National Academy of Sciences, 116(24), 11693-11698.

    • Vuletich, H. A., Kurtz-Costes, B. E., Bollen, K. & Rowley, S. J. (2018). A longitudinal study of domain-specificity of ability and effort attributions in African American students. Journal of Educational Psychology111(3), 459-474.

    • Payne, B.K. & Vuletich, H.A. (2018). Policy insights from advances in implicit bias research. Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 5(1), 49-56

    • Payne, B.K. Vuletich, H.A., & Lundberg, K.B. (2017). Flipping the script on implicit bias research with the bias of crowds. Psychological Inquiry, 28(4), 306-311

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