Our program of community-engaged research incorporates multiple voices (e.g., student researchers, youth and adult participants, university and community partners) and perspectives (e.g., research, policy, practice). Our graduate candidates, research collaborators and community partners make our work possible.


Anne P. DePrince

Anne P. DePrince

Professor; Associate Vice Provost for Public Good Strategy and Research

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Our Team

  • Graduate Students

    Maria-Ernestina Christl (Clinical Child, DCN)

    Maria-Ernestina Christl is interested in identifying variables that contribute to revictimization and the intergenerational transmission of abuse as well as investigating the effects of violence and trauma on the immediate and long-term wellbeing of mothers and their children to develop effective prevention and intervention services. She is especially interested in working with Latino families.

    She graduated with a BA in psychology in 2017 from the University of Alabama at Birmingham where she volunteered in a child abuse and parenting lab as well as a child safety lab. Christl also volunteered in a parent management training clinic with children and teens with ODD or CD in Birmingham.

    Julie Olomi (Clinical Child, DCN)

    Julie Olomi’s research interests include understanding the effects of trauma on cognitive, social-emotional and behavioral development. She is particularly interested in the long term effects of childhood maltreatment and subsequent risks for youth revictimization.

    She graduated with a BA in psychology from UC Davis, and has worked as a research assistant examining the adverse effects of childhood maltreatment, as well as a counselor for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.

    Adi Rosenthal (Clinical Child, DCN)

    Adi Rosenthal's research questions focus on understanding barriers to service engagement as well as the relationship between cognition and adaptive coping among survivors of physical and sexual violence.

    She graduated with a BA in psychology from Emory university and has previously worked in as a research assistant examining early identification of psychosis and the interplay of trauma exposure, atypical development and psychosis.

    Becky Suzuki (Clinical, DCN)

    Becky Suzuki is primarily interested in how marginalization affects service engagement after a traumatic event. She is committed to working with community partners to systematically improve the access to and quality of services across the healthcare, civic and nonprofit sectors.

    Suzuki received her BA in psychology from Haverford College in 2016. After graduating, she taught English as a Fulbright Scholar in Essen, Germany and then served with AmeriCorps in Memphis, Tennessee. Prior to coming to DU, she worked as a research assistant studying anxiety, trauma and grief at NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

    Naomi Wright (Clinical Child, DCN)

    Naomi Wright's research questions center around how contextual factors mediate differences in trauma-related responses, likelihood of treatment seeking, and healing and resilience.

    She graduated with a BA in psychology in 2015 from University of Oregon, where she served as a trauma psychology research assistant. Wright also worked with justice-system-involved youth in Eugene, Oregon, and hospitalized adults with substance use needs in Portland, OR.


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Collaborators and Partners

Alumni of the TSS Group

  • PhD Students
    • Ann Chu, PhD, assistant professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of California San Francisco
    • Melody Combs, PhD, pediatric neuropsychologist, Department of Radiology, University of Colorado Denver and the Children’s Hospital
    • Rebecca Babcock Fenerci, PhD, research assistant professor, Brown University
    • Kerry Gagnon, PhD, licensed clinical psychologist / behavioral health consultant, Denver Health
    • Claire Hebenstreit, PhD, psychology staff, VA Palo Alto Health Care System; clinical assistant professor (affiliated), Stanford University
    • Michelle Lee, PhD, data scientist, Dataiku
    • Ryan Matlow, PhD, director of community research programs, Early Life Stress and Pediatric Anxiety Program, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, Stanford University
    • Rheena Pineda, PhD, director, Behavioral Sciences Training, Valley Family Medicine Residency of Modesto
    • Jackie Rea, PhD, pediatric neuropsychologist, Neurobehavioral Associates
    • Aimee Reichmann-Decker, PhD, teaching professor, Department of Psychology, University of Denver
    • Lindsay Smart, PhD
    • Tejas Srinivas, PhD, Operational Stress Injury Clinic, The Royal
    • Jane Sundermann, MA
    • Kristin Weinzierl, PhD, Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services, British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development, Vancouver, BC, Canada
    • Courtney Welton-Mitchell, director, Human Assistance Applied Research Group (HAARG), Humanitarian Assistance Program, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver
    • Pallavi Visvanathan, PhD, Omni Institute
  • Honors Students
    • Avery Stackle (Honors Student, 2019–2020)
    • Madison Hakey (Honors Student, 2019–2020)
    • Carlyn Scheu (Honors Student, 2017–2018)
    • Saman Rizvi (Honors Student, 2016–2017)
    • Amber Morse (Honors Student, 2012–2013)
    • Courtney Kerivan (Honors Student, 2011–2012)
    • Jenna Lindsay-Brisbin (Honors Student, 2010–2011)
    • Ana Britton (Honors Student, 2008–2009)
    • Amy Chianese (Honors Student, 2006–2007)
    • Ryann Peyton (Honors Student, 2003–2004)
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