The DU Museum of Anthropology curates a broad collection of anthropological artifacts. Researchers, students or members of the public can request access to the collections either in person or online.

E. B. Renaud Collection

Dr. Etienne B. Renaud founded the University of Denver Museum of Anthropology in 1931. The museum holds Renaud's archaeological collections and field notes from excavations in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Franktown Cave Collection

Franktown Cave, located 25 miles south of Denver, is a resource for the anthropological study of Native American culture, as well as the natural history of the Rocky Mountain West. Occupied periodically over a span of over 8,000 years, people stashed or discarded objects like worn yucca sandals and sinew for making leather clothing in the protected setting of the rockshelter site. Because it yielded items that usually decay quickly, the Franktown Cave Collection is one of the most significant archaeological collections in the state.

World Collections

The Museum of Anthropology curates a diverse collection of objects from around the world, including Africa, Oceania, Asia and Latin America. Special collections include African textiles collected by DU anthropologist Kate Peck Kent and pottery created by renowned Native American artist Maria Martinez (San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico).

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Collection Highlights

Discover the exciting anthropological and archaeological artifacts curated by DUMA.

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How to Access DUMA Collections

Email Curator of Collections Sarah Carlson or call 303-871-2543 to access our collections. Photos of items in the collections can be viewed online through the link below.

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