The study of Latin is a proven way to deepen your appreciation of human culture while gaining insight into how the many modern languages descended from Latin or strongly influenced by it developed. It also helps you to refine your understanding of how English conveys spirit and meaning and to better employ English's unique powers. Building upon the elementary Latin sequence taught by the Center for World Languages and Cultures, the concentration explores original texts composed long ago that still inform Western thought in the 21st century.

As your study advances, you will gain insight into ancient Mediterranean culture and society and the contributions of ancient writers in Latin to literature and philosophy, religion and law. These contributions have enduring impact on our modern world — the thoughts we think, the words we use, the ideals to which we aspire.

Students often pair a Latin concentration with majors in English, history, philosophy in the humanities, or with political science or other social sciences.

Courses taught in English with the GREK* code offer general education and elective credit for students curious or excited about mythology, drama happy or sad, or (with a nod to Disney Studios) true heroism.

Tutorials in classical Greek may be available upon application.

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Concentration in Latin

The concentration in Latin is available for the minor in Languages, Literatures & Cultures. To learn more about the degree requirements, please review the program of study in Bulletin

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