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Studying language and culture at DU means immersing yourself not just in oral and written communication across borders but also in the literature, fine art and film that shape and are shaped by language. During your time on campus, make sure to take advantage of opportunities to work closely with your professors, with whom you can create your own research projects and pursue what inspires you. The University's financial aid is here to help you along the way, with scholarships and grants available to fund study abroad opportunities and more. Whichever world language and culture you choose to study, we're ready to help you succeed.

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Our advisors are here to help you reach your academic goals. Visit MyDU to see your major advisor. If you took the language placement test and your results indicated you should speak to an advisor, visit the Center for World Languages and Cultures for guidance.

Financial Aid

Use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form to apply for grants, work-study and loans. To finance study abroad, the Office of International Education offers scholarships and aid opportunities, including the Cherrington Global Scholars program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which language course should I take?

    If you have taken language courses and wish to enroll in that same language at DU, please take a placement exam through the Center for World Languages and Cultures (CWLC). You can find more information about this exam and how to complete it on CWLC’s Language Testing website. This test will assign you to the most appropriate level of language in DU’s program. 

    If you feel that your placement is incorrect, you can contact an advisor based on the language level you tested into.  

    Depending on your major, you may have additional requirements. Check with your major or other academic advisor to ensure that you understand your specific situation. 

  • Can I audit a language course?

    Language courses can only be audited by a full-time student at the University of Denver. If you are a full-time student looking to audit, contact the professor of the course that you are interested in. They have the sole authority to decide if they want to permit auditing in their course. You may also be interested in exploring the option of enrolling for no credit (NC) if you are a current DU student. This, too, is at the instructor’s discretion. 

  • I am a graduate student at the University of Denver. Can I take one of your language courses?

    None of our courses offer graduate-level credit. Therefore, while it is possible for enrolled graduate students to take our courses, they typically will not count towards your degree. Depending on your program and enrollment status, there may also be tuition charges or implications. Contact your advisor or program coordinator to explore your options. 

  • Do my AP/IB Language credits count towards a language major or minor?

    Yes. An AP score of 3 or higher or an IB score of 4 or higher will be counted for credit towards your language major or minor. See the Office of the Registrar’s website for updated information on exactly how your credits will be applied to your major or minor. As always, we recommend contacting your advisor for confirmation that your credits will apply.

  • Do my language transfer credits count towards DU’s foreign language requirement?

    It depends. AP or IB credit that is transferred to the University of Denver does not satisfy your language requirement. Take the language placement exam to determine what course(s) you need to take to satisfy the foreign language requirement. 

    Courses taught at other universities or abroad may be used in some cases to satisfy your language requirement. Contact the office of the registrar and your major advisor to discuss your options. 

    LL&C Knowledge Base: Transfer Credits

  • Still have questions we didn’t answer?

    Visit the LL&C knowledge base for up to-date information and resources on anything related to our courses, programs, student resources, how-to guides, and more.  If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, perhaps a different department on campus can help. The guide below will help direct you to the unit best equipped to answer any outlying questions you may have. 

    LL&C Knowledge Base

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    Enrolling as a DU student to take LL&C courses

    Office of Admissions

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    Enrolling in classes in Spanish or Quechua

    SLLCS (majors, minors, and upper-level language, literature and culture courses)

    CWLC (for first-year courses, non-credit courses, and/or tutoring)

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    Enrolling in classes in less commonly taught languages


    SLLCS (for Quechua)


Language Placement and the Foreign Language Requirement

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Study Abroad

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Tutoring and Non-Credit Language Courses

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    Non-credit courses and courses for non-enrolled students


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    Tutoring and Language Assistance



Transfer Credits

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