Admission & Aid

Gaining New Perspectives

At the University of Denver, you'll develop a multicultural point of view through the study of global cultures and the language and literature that shape societies. You'll begin your studies at the Center for World Languages and Cultures, which provides placement testing for language proficiency and all introductory language courses. The Languages, Literatures and Cultures department provides more advanced study. Whether you're in the classroom or studying abroad, our programs help you understand what it means to be a global citizen. The department and the University offer financial aid options that can help make your goals a reality.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

We offer majors in French, German, Italian and Russian.  Our programs are based on immersive cultural exploration complemented by rigorous development of written and oral language skills. We offer minors in these languages, too, as well as in Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese and Latin.

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Undergraduate Financial Aid

DU offers scholarships, grants, work-study, federal aid and other options for students. Study abroad is made possible through national and University scholarships, as well as the Cherrington Global Scholars program.

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Spanish Language, Literary and Cultural Studies is now its own department at DU.

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Language Testing

Undergraduate Language Placement

The Center for World Languages and Cultures at DU provides placement testing for language proficiency, as well as all introductory language courses. Find out where to begin with your language study at the Center for World Languages and Cultures.

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Graduate Proficiency

The Center for World Languages and Cultures provides foreign language proficiency exams to all graduate students at DU. If your program includes a language requirement, see the Center for World Languages and Cultures to learn more.

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