Undergraduate Financial Aid & Awards

We aim to give you opportunities to generate innovative knowledge in psychological science and apply your knowledge for the public good. To that end, we offer two merit-based scholarships and two awards that support rigorous undergraduate research in psychology.

  • Vandergrift Undergraduate Scholarship in Psychology

    All psychology majors can apply for this $3,500 scholarship, which is awarded to a student who shows promise and accomplishment in psychology. Preference is given to students who have fewer than 75 hours of University credit by the end of winter quarter.

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  • Bernard Spilka Undergraduate Scholarship in Psychology

    The $6,500 Bernard Spilka Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded to the rising junior or senior judged most likely to make a significant contribution to the field of psychology. Eligible students are psychology majors, have a 3.0 or above cumulative GPA, and have 75 or more hours of University credit by the end of winter quarter.

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  • Trowill Award for Meritorious Work in Psychology

    The Trowill Award offers $500 each spring to a graduating senior psychology major. It recognizes meritorious work in a research lab, citizenship/committee work, field experiences, other areas of psychology or any combination of these. 

    To submit a nomination, including a self-nomination, contact Kateri McRae, PhD.

  • Shaklee Trowill Award

    The Shaklee Trowill Award recognizes an exceptional senior honor student's research paper, and is based on the quality of the research project as well as the student's contribution to the research project. Award winners are selected in May by the senior honors research seminar instructor, with input from the student's faculty mentor.

CAHSS Financial Support

CAHSS offers a variety of awards to offset the cost of tuition. We encourage all our students to apply for additional support, with options from merit-based awards to travel grants to diversity initiatives.

  • Student Inclusive Excellence Project Award (undergraduate only)
  • Student Research Award (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Summer Internship Award Program (undergraduate only)
  • Sturm Family Foundation Internship Awards (undergraduate only)

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DU Financial Support

In addition to the aid that the College and Department provide, we encourage you to make use of DU's scholarships, grants and financial aid services.

Undergraduate Financial Aid

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