Biology, Environments & Mood Studies Lab

In the Biology, Environments & Mood Studies (BEAMS) Lab, we work to understand how social relationships affect biological processes and what that means for family mental health. We’re particularly interested in understanding depression. We analyze contributing biological processes alongside relationship and physical exposures to understand the full spectrum of depression.

By exploring and identifying the transactions between our experiences and biological processes, we hope to better understand what factors contribute to mental health problems so that we can help families in our communities.



Our projects range from exploring the risks of depression and biomarkers in umbilical cords to understanding the effects of empathy, and more.

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We're constantly publishing new findings about the relationships between depression, biological processes and social relationships.

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Our research team frequently wins awards and presents at conferences across the country, and our research is featured in the news regularly. 

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Our research helps children and families better understand their social relationships. Learn more about your eligibility and the participation process.

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The BEAMS Lab is currently considering students be Research Assistants for Fall 2021. Email us to request an application.

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