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Our research depends on the generosity of individuals and families who share their experiences with us. We invite adolescents and parents to participate in our research. If you're the parent of an adolescent (ages 13–17), you and your child may be eligible for a research study aimed at understanding how our social relationships affect our mental and physical health. The principal investigator for this study is Erika M. Manczak, PhD.

  • Who can participate?

    Adolescents who are between 13 and 17 years old and one parent or legal guardian.

    • Parents and adolescents must be fluent in English.
    • Parents and adolescents must be free of chronic medical conditions (like diabetes or asthma).
    • Female adolescent participants must have already started puberty (have started menstruating/having a period).
    • Parents and adolescents must not have a history of psychosis or Bipolar Disorder, nor current substance dependence.
    • Parents and adolescents must not have major cognitive or developmental disorders that would interfere with reading and responding to questionnaires.
    • Parents and adolescents must not take any steroidal medication (such as steroid cream or inhaled steroids).


  • What will participation involve?


    • Two in-person lab visits (about 30 minutes each) that include blood draws (less than two tablespoons of blood), three months apart
    • Two remote visits (about one hour each) on the same day of the blood draw and online surveys
    • Short nightly surveys for seven days after each lab visit (about five minutes per night)
    • Collect a small sample of tap water from your home to allow us to assess neighborhood factors
    • One follow-up phone interview and survey (about 30 min), three months later
    • Note: The two in-person laboratory visits will take place in the Department of Psychology building (Frontier Hall) on the University of Denver campus. Free parking will be provided. The other aspects of the study will be completed by phone and computer.


  • Will I be compensated?


    • Yes. Adolescents and parents will receive compensation for participating in each aspect of the study.
    • You will also receive handouts with tips on managing stress for teenagers and adults, and a list of community resources for mental health services. If you are interested, you can also receive free feedback on the quality of your home drinking water.

For More Information, Call the BEAMS Lab Team at 303-871-2576 or Email Us

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