Our lab team works collaboratively with each other and with researchers at DU and other institutions to examine perceptual processes as well as clinical, affective and social outcomes. Read on to learn more about our principal investigator and our graduate students, undergraduate students and research assistants.

Principal Investigator

Timothy Sweeny

Timothy Daniel Sweeny

Associate Professor

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Our Team

  • Graduate Students
    Gorkem Er

    Gorkem Er

    Gorkem Er is a third-year graduate student in affective, social, cognitive (ASC) psychology program. Previously, he has investigated surround modulation in the visual cortex using neuroimaging, and multisensory relative timing mechanisms using a sensory adaptation paradigm. If he's not traveling for new experiences, you will find him playing basketball or drinking coffee. View his website.

    Delaney McDonagh

    Delaney McDonagh

    Delaney McDonagh is a third-year clinical child psychology doctoral student. She graduated with a BS in neuroscience from Rhodes College where she worked as a research assistant in a visual cognition lab. She also interned at a refugee resettlement organization working with newly arrived refugee youth. McDonagh is interested in ensemble coding and how anxiety and early life stress affect the way children perceive their environment. Beyond the lab, McDonagh enjoys reading and just about any activity that gets her outdoors.


  • Undergraduate Students & Research Assistants
    Zack George

    Zackary George

    Zackary George migrated to the VPEC Lab in 2019. He's a junior in the psychology honors program and he is interested in consciousness and computers.



    Leah Hurwitz

    Leah Hurwitz

    Leah Hurwitz is a senior in our department's honors program, studying physics and math on the side.




    Avery Smith

    Avery Smith






    Paul Keller 

  • Alumni
    • Larissa Miller, PhD, clinical child psychology. Miller just started a clinical postdoc in Eugene Oregon.
    • Elric Elias, PhD, cognitive psychology. Elias just started a postdoc in Carly Leonard's lab at the University of Colorado Denver.
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