Our program includes majors and minors in sociology and criminology. Our majors provide a firm foundation in both theory and research methods through the core courses, while allowing students to tailor their major to their specific subject interests.

You'll acquire the skills you need to describe and analyze patterns of human interaction and think critically about the social structures that govern our lives and the law. Upon graduating, you'll be able to pursue careers in social and human service occupations related to business, social service and government as well as criminal, juvenile and social justice and more.

Please note you cannot double major in sociology and criminology, nor can you major in sociology and minor in criminology or vice versa.

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Degrees in Sociology

Sociology is the scientific study of the structures and processes of human societies and social interaction. From the analysis of passing encounters between individuals in the street to the investigation of broad-based international social movements, you will study the subtle, yet complex, ways in which your life interacts with the collective experience of others.

A sociology degree gives you an advantage in the competitive work force. The knowledge of key social factors are crucial for working in today's multi-ethnic and multinational business environment. You'll develop a firm grasp on research design and methods as well as strong analytical skills.

You can also supplement a major in another department with a minor in sociology. Pre-law and pre-social work students have found our program especially helpful to their long-term career goals.

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Degrees in Criminology

Majoring in criminology provides you with a critical understanding of crime, law and justice. Our courses routinely examine social structural foundations of crime, deviance and social control, as well as the power dynamics involved in defining crime, prosecuting crime, and sanctioning of deviance and those "at risk."

A degree in criminology opens the doors to careers in social and human service occupations related to criminal, juvenile and social justice. We strive to provide an excellent basis for anyone interested in pursing graduate study in criminology, other social sciences and criminal law.

A minor in criminology broadens your career options when paired with other humanities degrees or interests in working in law or law enforcement.

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Research With Faculty

Our students collaborate with faculty to bring relevant research projects to our department and DU. These research projects offer unique opportunities for undergraduates to gain experience in the field before they enter the workforce or seek graduate degrees.

Students and faculty have worked together to curate an exhibit of personal accounts and documents within the DU community entitled "Terms of Belonging: A Sociological Exploration of Immigration at DU" with the help of the University of Denver Museum of Anthropology (DUMA) graduate students and the Special Collections & Archives at the University Libraries. Many of our undergrads have volunteered with Casa de Paz, an organization that offers shelter and support for immigrants recently released from detention centers.

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