In the Department of Sociology and Criminology, we emphasize creating an inclusive environment that guides you to better understand the structures and patterns upon which everyday life rests. Our degree programs in sociology and criminology give you a critical understanding of the social problems and issues affecting communities and human societies, as well as the everyday social impacts of crime, law and justice.

We encourage all our students to take an active and creative role in contributing to social justice, the public good and ongoing public policy. You can conduct socially-engaged research and make a difference in your local community using the foundational knowledge and essential skills we help you nurture. Our students go on to pursue advanced degrees in the field or jump into a variety of careers within law, social work, education, non-profits, and public policy or management.

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Our sociology major and minor provide you with a general background in sociology theory, methods and a wide range of sociological areas that you can use to springboard your career.

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A major or minor in criminology gives you the foundational understanding of theory and methods in the field. You also gain a background in the creation and application of criminal law, the causes of criminal behavior and societal responses to lawbreaking.

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