Peter Stoltzman

Peter John Stoltzman

Adjunct Faculty

Professional Biography

As the son of Grammy-winning clarinetist, Richard Stoltzman, and renowned violinist and educator, Lucy Chapman, Peter John Stoltzman naturally grew into a career as both a performer and teacher. Stoltzman has performed and recorded with jazz luminaries such as Steve Gadd, Eddie Gomez, Allison Miller, Tia Fuller, and many more. He has worked at the highest levels of the industry in virtually every style, from recording contemporary classical music to headlining jazz festivals, making Hip Hop tracks at Warner Bros., and accompanying songwriters.
In 2020, Peter founded Colorado Music Bridge, a nonprofit dedicated to modern music education and mentorship. He has a doctorate in Music and Human Learning from UT Austin, and has been teaching in Colorado since 2012. Peter’s purpose is to be an access broker—building inclusive structures that support musicians in their careers and spread the joy of teaching, learning, and creating music.