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Our dynamic centers and institutes bring students, faculty, alumni and community members together to connect and collaborate.

Through interdisciplinary, community-engaged programs, we're developing new learning opportunities. Whether exploring the possibilities of digital design, empowering incarcerated people through art, connecting students with film professionals, or facilitating Holocaust education in schools, these and other approaches allow us to expand the classroom into the community, open the door to experimentation and bring new ideas to fruition. 


Featured Stories

Photo of Susan Schulten presenting in front of a map
Center for Innovation in the Liberal and Creative Arts Initiatives for 2021–22

Launched in 2018, the Center for Innovation in the Creative and Liberal Arts (CILCA) supports pilot projects and signature academic programs within the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences. Priority is given to projects that connect faculty and students, change how research is conducted, create new opportunities for students, commit to community partnerships, focus on social justice issues, and show potential for long-term sustainability.

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Photo of statue in a museum
Pandora Papers: Art Trafficking Exposed

RadioEd talked to Elizabeth Campbell, associate professor of history and director of DU’s Center for Art Collection Ethics, about how and why art trafficking occurs, what responsibility museums have in acquiring pieces and what it means for communities to recover their stolen art.

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Photo of DU PAI Group Leader, Andrew Draper
DU’s Prison Arts Initiative Launches Statewide Radio Station

DU's Prison Arts Initiative launched the first statewide prison radio station in the United States in the summer of 2021. Called Inside Wire Radio, the station broadcasts into facilities using the Colorado Department of Corrections closed-circuit television network in order to reach residents inside the facilities.

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