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Our dynamic centers and institutes bring students, faculty, alumni and community members together to connect and collaborate. This approach allows us to expand the classroom into the community, open the door to experimentation and bring new ideas to fruition.

Featured Stories

SEEd Research
SEED Center Changes Lives

In 2014, the Department of Psychology created the SEED (Stress, Early Experiences, and Development) Research Center to study the impact of adversity on children and families, and design policies that can change lives.

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ari melenciano
Inclusivity in Art and Tech

Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist Ari Melenciano is DU’s first Contributor in Residence at the University’s Clinic for Open-Source Arts (COSA). 

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DU PAI theater workshop
DU Prison Arts Initiative

Several days each week, Assistant Professor of Theatre Ashley Hamilton drives hours to facilities across the state to bring theater and creative writing to people others consider beyond help. 

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