What is the Strategic Plan?

Our commitment to pursuing innovative discovery, preparing cross-sector leaders, investing in people and sharing science for impact drives everything we do. Our faculty and student research addresses complex issues, while work in the classroom prepares students to contribute to diverse teams, lead across sectors and solve 21st century problems. We mentor a new generation of leaders by investing in potential and developing people. We do this in order to contribute to the public good—by bringing people together in an environment of innovation, we can get psychological science into the hands of people who can use research to improve lives.

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Driving Discovery

We do research that addresses complex issues, from resilience in the face of adversity to ethics and decision making. Our world-class faculty collaborate in diverse teams with students and scientists from around the globe, conducting multi-method research that advances science, policy and practice. Our faculty drive discovery in Stress Early Experience and Development (SEED) Science, Affective Science and Clinical Child Science.

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Preparing Cross-Sector Leaders

Our curriculum prepares students for diverse interpersonal and group dynamics. Students and faculty bring hands-on knowledge of research and statistics to their work across industries and clinical skills to their roles in allied health professions. Our collaboration with the Department of Biology prepares students for careers in neuroscience and medicine, as well as roles in government, law, business and education.

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Sharing Science for Impact

Better science happens when faculty, students, community members and policymakers connect. Science makes a difference in the lives of children and adults in our communities when we share our findings. We bring people together to critically reflect on how to make research better—and make results matter. From colloquia that bring international faculty into our community to events with alumni and community members, we have the conversations that make psychology matter.

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Investing in People

While there are many ways to teach a class or train students, not all prioritize mentorship. We focus on mentorship at all career stages, including undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty. Our mentorship focuses on developing professionals who build inclusive teams in diverse communities. By understanding the ways that culture and history influence our work, we invest in future leaders in psychology and allied fields.



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