In Socio-Legal Studies, our students explore law through a combination of disciplines learning from experts in various fields. Our faculty emphasize learning that goes beyond the classroom and give you opportunities to practice and engage your learning in the community.

Considering a career in law? Majoring in socio-legal studies offers a detailed and powerful foundation. Not sure that law school is in your future? With a major or minor in socio-legal studies, you will develop an understanding of how law affects our society and how society affects our laws.

Major in Socio-Legal Studies

Socio-legal studies is a second major. This means you need another major to go along with it. For your the socio-legal studies major, you will complete three required courses and seven electives, drawn from various disciplines.

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Minor in Socio-Legal Studies

To complete a minor in socio-legal studies, you will complete one required course and four electives.

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Advising & Pre-Law

Many of our students go on to careers in law. We'll support you along the way with academic and career advising.

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Law from an Interdisciplinary Perspective

As you explore the interdisciplinary range of Socio-Legal Studies, you'll learn to view legal questions from multiple angles. Explore the ways these cross-disciplinary courses will help shape your education.

Study Socio-Legal Challenges from All Angles

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    From Environmental Science

    Explore federal environmental protection laws, from their purpose to how they are applied by states.

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  • newspaper

    From Media, Film & Journalism Studies

    Analyze legal problems related to new communication technologies, cable, broadcasting and other recent conflicts.

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  • icon people

    From Sociology & Criminology

    Investigate and understand the relationships between sexualities, law and punishment, and how U.S. legal courts define and regulate sexualities.

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  • icon globe

    From Philosophy

    Learn how to analyze and write real arguments we encounter in our world, from issues in the news to philosophical texts.

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  • icon politics

    From Political Science

    Delve into the details of constitutional law, studying civil rights and individual liberties and learning how federalism and separation of powers operate in U.S. politics.

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