Our BA in socio-legal studies asks core questions, like: How does law impact our everyday lives? How do social institutions shape law? And how does law empower and constrain us?

Through our socio-legal studies program, you'll explore questions like these alongside faculty drawn from disciplines across the University. Throughout this process, you'll hone critical thinking and writing and can further develop these skills outside the classroom through internship and study abroad opportunities.

Many socio-legal studies graduates pursue legal careers or post-graduate studies. However, the issues addressed in the major are relevant to many fields that focus on applying the law, including social work, education, business and international relations.

Socio-Legal Studies at DU Offers

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    The opportunity to take classes in multiple departments, giving you a more well-rounded view of the elements at play in the sociological and legal landscape. 

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    The Partners in Scholarship (PinS) program where you can collaborate with faculty on research initiatives. 

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    Internships that empower you to apply classroom learning to larger communities in business, social service and government.

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    Special events led by award-winning faculty and guests whose work actively contributes to local and national policy debate. 

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    Career development and an alumni mentoring program, which offer insight into opportunities after graduation. 

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Degree Requirements

  • All students majoring in Socio-Legal Studies must take a minimum of 40 credits in the program and must also complete a second major.
  • The curriculum includes required course credits and elective credits. Courses are drawn from these departments: environmental studies; media, film and journalism studies; philosophy; political science and sociology/criminology.
  • Socio-Legal majors may graduate with program distinction if they receive a recommendation from a member of the socio-legal studies faculty, have an overall DU GPA of 3.5 and GPA within the socio-legal studies major of 3.75. To earn the designation of graduation with distinction in Socio-Legal Studies, students must successfully complete a senior thesis.
  • The Socio-Legal Studies minor is 20 credits.

For more information about courses, degree/minor requirements and the program, visit the DU Undergraduate Bulletin.


Law permeates every aspect of social life.

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