The study of the Hebraic tradition, one of the pillars of modern Western civilization, has a wide range of practical and artistic applications. Students looking to supplement their knowledge of history, archaeology and anthropology can bolster their studies through familiarity with the Hebrew language and Jewish culture.

Study abroad opportunities give students the chance to practice their language skills and engage with the cultural and historical sites they explore in the classroom. Israel's prominence on the world stage makes the minor particularly useful to journalism, business and international studies majors.

The Center for Judaic Studies partners with us to provide a minor in Judaic studies with a Hebrew emphasis. Learn more about this option on the Judaic Studies minor program page.

DU's Minor in Hebrew Offers:

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    Small, interactive classes that allow students ample opportunity to interact with our accomplished instructors

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    Immersive study abroad opportunities in Israel, where you can develop language and cultural skills

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    Multiple ways to tie your studies into key out-of-classroom experiences, including service learning, internships and extracurricular activities

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    Access to the support and programs of DU’s Center for World Languages and Cultures

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    Independent study programs and collaboration with faculty members

Degree Requirements

To minor in Hebrew you will need to complete 20 credit hours above HEBR 1003.

  • These include proficiency in the Hebrew language equivalent to one year (HEBR 1001, 1002, 1003) as well as 12 credit hours from HEBR 2001, 2002 and 2003, four hours from HEBR 2745 and four hours from HEBR 3010.
  • Note: HEBR 2745 and HEBR 3010 are offered alternatively every winter.

See the DU Undergraduate Bulletin for full course requirements.


Explore profound connections among Hebrew language, culture and tradition.

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