Aspiring undergraduate economists joining the DU community can choose from either a major or minor, which will empower you with the analytical, communication and problem-solving skills you need to carve a path into the world of global economy and utilize your knowledge to inform another area of study. Graduate students can advance their foundational knowledge and gain additional research skills through our master's program. Or you can plan to cover both bases with our 4+1 dual degree program, which allows you to earn both a bachelor of arts (BA) in economics and a master of science (MS) degree in economic and social policy in just five years.

Whichever path you choose, you'll be prepared for a fulfilling professional life in business, international relations, public policy, education, community-building and beyond.

What can you do with a degree in economics?

Why Study Economics?
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Undergraduate Economics Programs

Major or Minor in Economics

When you study economics, you'll explore how the working mechanisms of social, political and institutional systems govern the production and distribution of goods and services. A degree in economics helps you prepare for various careers in government, business, finance, law, politics, education, media, and non-profit and non-governmental organizations.

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Graduate Economics Programs

Master's in Economics

Our MA program in economics prepares aspiring economists for doctoral level study and advanced roles in the business, government and non-profit sectors. Students work closely with faculty mentors to develop a deep understanding of global economics systems, building a portfolio of statistical analysis, policy analysis, mathematical modeling and research experience to help fuel an exciting career.

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Dual Degree Program

Economics and Social Policy 4+1 Program

Our newest academic program encourages you to pursue a bachelor of arts in economics while you work toward a master of science in economics and social policy, allowing you to earn both degrees in just five years. With a wide-ranging historical and theoretical study of economics, accompanied by rigorous instruction on the impacts of economic and social policies, our BA + MS program will accelerate your education and help you launch a career on your timeline.

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"As I learned more about economics at DU, I knew that I wanted to help more with work at the ground level for government policy. DU definitely fulfilled my expectations and then some."

Bryce Jones, Student, MA ’21 Read About Bryce's Work in Rural Colorado
Bryce Jones
2019 J. Fagg Awards

Student Scholarships & Awards

The Department offers several merit-based scholarships for students who excel in the study of economics at the graduate level.

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Omicron Delta Epsilon Honors Society

Undergraduate students who maintain excellent academic standards can qualify for the international honor society for economics.

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