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Annual J. Fagg Foster Awards Ceremony

This ceremony is named for the beloved economics professor, the late J. Fagg Foster. Foster served as a faculty member at the University of Denver in the Department of Economics for three decades. Professor Foster defined economics as the study of how the means of life and experience are provided. He spent his career trying to replace misunderstandings of human behavior that contaminate economic theory and practice, as well as scientific inquiry at large. Foster's comparative, historical approach to the study of economics influenced countless students with enthusiasm for the world of ideas.

The J. Fagg Foster Award is presented every year to a student who has demonstrated excellence in the undergraduate study of economics.

In addition to the J. Fagg Foster Award, the Department of Economics awards the Satish Raichur award for a graduate students who has demonstrated excellence in the study of Political Economy.

Prof. Raichur was department chair when he suddenly died of a heart attack in June 1980 at the untimely age of 34. He was devoted to the diversity of cultures and of ideas, which led to his dedication to this Department's being a home for the consideration of alternative ideas in economics.

Recent Award Recipients

Headshot of Marihah Abdullah
J. F. Foster Award Recipient

Our first winner of the J. F Foster Award for 2022 is Marihah AbdullahMarihah is a junior double-majoring in Economics and French and Francophone studies, with a minor in Sustainability. She is from Bexley, Ohio, and has always been interested in history and the social sciences—which is why she appreciates the department’s approach to understanding changes in economic development over time through historical, evolutionary context. Marihah’s favorite classes in the department include Money & Financial Markets; Growth, Technology & Economic Policy; and Economics, Ecology & Social Welfare because of their inclusion of heterodox perspectives for perceiving the economy and the ways we interact with it.  Outside of the classroom, Marihah likes to read, write, paint and figure skate, and she has worked as both a Resident Assistant and Desk Assistant within DU’s Housing department since her freshman year. In the future, Marihah hopes to pursue a career intersecting economics and environmental sustainability.

Headshot of Abran Bartlett-Miller
J. F. Foster Award Recipient

Our second winner of the J. F. Foster Award for 2022 is Abran Bartlett-Miller. As a student, Abran has enjoyed and appreciated learning a variety of subjects — history, math, science, etc. For this reason, Ihe is both an economics and molecular biology major. Through the past few years, and especially with the COVID pandemic, many bridges between the two genres were illuminated. Abran loves that economics operates at the intersections and around many of these realms. This sparked his interest early, as he realized the field was so expansive. Abran's ultimate goal is to complete medical school and become a physician, though he hopes to continue learning and applying his knowledge of economics! 

Headshot of Jordan Koler
J. F. Foster Award Recipient

Our final winner of the J. F. Foster Award for 2022 is Jordan Koler. Jordan is a third-year student at DU. She is an economics and math double major, as well as a student in the 4+1 Economics & Social Policy master's program. Jordan is originally from Colorado, and she has found a home at DU. Jordan states that she is studying economics because of its relevance and importance in our globalized world. Some of her favorite classes here have been Econometrics, Urban Economics and History of Economic Thought because they've challenged her to connect theory with practical applications. Outside of class, Jordan is the vice president of Catholic Student Fellowship and the treasurer of the Association for Women in Mathematics. She also likes singing in choir, rehearsing with her acapella group, Exit205, playing volleyball and hiking around Colorado's beautiful mountains.

Headshot of Madison Beckner
Satish Raichur Award Recipient

Our first award winner of the Satish Raichur award for 2022 is Madison Beckner. Madison is from Holyoke Colorado — a very small town in basically Nebraska. In the fall of 2017, Madison came to DU as a declared finance major. At the time, her goals were to be rich and powerful. Primarily, she had planned to use that power to buy a president. Madison took the intro econ course because of the business requirements. She ended up in Dr. Yasar’s course and loved it. It completely challenged her worldview and made her reconsider everything she thought she knew about politics and the economy. Madison kept taking economics courses, largely at the encouragement of Dr. Yasar. Somewhere along the line, she decided she would just run for president instead of buying one. Madison is in the MA program so that she can learn as much as possible to make the best possible policy decisions. She plans on attending law school after finishing her MA, though she may also consider attending a PhD program in economics. And, in 2036, she will be eligible to run for President. 

Headshot of Federico Colombo
Satish Raichur Award Recipient

Our second winner of the Satish Raichur Award for 2022 is Federico Colombo. Federico moved to the U.S. in 2015, graduated from high school in Florida, and then went to college in Florida. He started as a business major for his associate degree, then he transitioned to a double major in finance and economics for his bachelor's degree. Federico decided to stick to economics because he believes it will leave more doors open, and because he believes that it will allow him to have a more solid background. Federico is unsure what he will do when he finishes his studies, but will most likely work in business or finance. 


Past Award Recipients

  • J. Fagg Foster Award


    Sophia "Rosie" Contino

    Sarah Wiltshire


    Grace LaMendola 


    Brenn Anderson-Gregson

    John “Marcus” Dockerty

    Jacquelyn English

    Elizabeth Lochhead

    Samuel Pargament

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    Kyle J. McDonald


    Evan M. Corzine


    Michael O. Sajovetz


    Elizabeth Hansen

    Logan Mrtin

    Tomas Merrill

  • Satish Raichur Award


    Bryce Jones

    Paula Leone Samuda

    Daniel Spinrad

    Adam Szymanski-Burgos


    Allie Coulter 

    Abby Magnus


    Sumaiya Saif


    Chen “Cassie” Chen

    Elen Murvanidze


    Danyi Wang


    Matthew Silva


    Kyle Glenn


    Nicole Alexander

    Sira Nukulkit


    Alexander Spray


    Marcus C. Fresques

    Dustin J. Page


    Rachel F. Hartgen


    Luisa Sanchez de Tagle


    Edgar Luna