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Majoring or minoring in economics at DU gives you access to robust knowledge and practical skills, mentorship from world-class faculty and a wealth of opportunities to gain real-world experience. Graduate students in economics can advance their understanding of the world's most complex financial systems, developing an intellectual toolkit including quantitative analysis, policy analysis and mathematical modeling that will prepare them for career success across the private, nonprofit and government sectors.

The Value of an Economics Degree

Why Study Economics?

Undergraduate Programs

Major or Minor in Economics

As an undergraduate student, you'll delve into the historical and cultural frameworks of economic study, building the understanding and experience required to become an informed citizen-participant in economic affairs. A degree in economics from DU can launch your career in law, business, international studies and beyond, whether you're looking to get to work after you graduate or tackle a master's degree.

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Economics 4+1

Earn your bachelor's and master's degrees in just five years with DU's recently launched 4+1 program in economics.

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Graduate Economics

Students seeking advanced study in economics will benefit from our MA program, which cultivates successful economic decision making, economic modeling and utilizing econometric techniques to build a well-rounded, strong portfolio of experience for desirable employers. If you're looking to pursue further education at the doctoral level, or find a job in public or private sector, our master's degree in economics can bridge the gap between educational needs and building an exciting career as an economist in the public or private sector.

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Personal Statement Support

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Economics Scholarships and Graduate Tuition Assistance

Students who excel in their economics courses can apply for tuition support through a range of awards, with funding opportunities available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

College and University-Wide Aid

Additional funding support, both merit- and need-based, is available from the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences as well as from the University at large.


Students who demonstrate financial need can apply for work-study awards by submitting the FAFSA. After approval, students should contact our staff offices for available opportunities in the Department of Economics.


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