With our BA in economics, you'll build an in-depth understanding of economic growth and development locally, nationally and globally. Faculty challenge you to think critically as you research social and government policy alternatives and apply your findings both inside and outside the classroom.

In this major, you can investigate the environmental impact of economic activities and study the relationship between financial markets and the economy. Emphasizing conceptual understandings in addition to quantitative skills, we challenge you to explore new theories through heterodox economics. You can analyze economic structural changes and learn theories of business cycles, as well as investigate the choices and consequences of government policy alternatives. Once you've narrowed down an area of interest, you can complete an honors thesis.

Our program prepares students for a variety of careers in business, banking, government and education. Graduates hold positions in private industry and government as leaders, consultants or advisors. Economics is also a good foundation for students interested in pursuing advanced degrees in law, business and international studies.

What You'll Learn

DU's economics program is unique in its approach. Here are some of the ways we bring economics to life in the classroom:

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      We take a broader view of what the discipline is about than the average U.S. economics program.

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      We regard the economy as one element of a complex society, so we situate economic study at the center of multiple social factors.

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      We present alternative perspectives on the historical and present-day relevance of our material. 

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      We encourage students not to take in received knowledge as the truth, but to examine and question it.

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      We emphasize written assignments and critical thinking in our assessment of student performance, in addition to the ability to conduct quantitative analysis. 

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    Degree Requirements

    • To major in economics, you will need to complete 44 credits. These include 24 required courses and 20 upper division courses of your choosing (at least one of which must be at the 3000 level).
    • For distinction in the major you will need to maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA, 3.75 GPA in economics, and you will complete an honors thesis.
    • For the secondary major you will complete 44 credit hours.
    • For the minor you will complete 20 credit hours. 

    See the DU Undergraduate Bulletin for full course requirements


    We situate economics in the real world by investigating its social causes and impacts.

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