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The generosity of our donors is critical to our department's success. When you give to the Department of English & Literary Arts, you're powering scholarships for English majors, new academic programming, extracurricular offerings, internship opportunities and so much more. Donate today and help shape the next generation of writers, thinkers and educators.

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Support for our general fund helps us provide financial aid for students and retain top-quality faculty.

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English & Literary Arts Fund

Help us retain world-class faculty and develop innovative academic experiences for English majors and graduate students.

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English Graduate Support Fund

Donate and help graduate students overcome financial obstacles such as housing costs, tuition and support research funding.

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Literary Studies Travel Fund

This fund supports study abroad and other travel opportunities for English majors and graduate students in literary studies.

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Executive Director of Development

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Director of Alumni Relations

Tonya Kelly

Senior Director of Development

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