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Denver Quarterly Volume 56 – Issue 1

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Denver Quarterly

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Denver Quarterly Volume 56 Issue 1 cover with a drawing of a black bird with fingers for a wing on a yellow background.

Denver Quarterly 56.1 features performance art by Sarah Sterling, a collaborative poem by about 50 people in Hungary as curated by Eric Ellingsen, new stories by Erica Stern and Lindsay Herko, and new poetry by writers including Cindy Juyoung Ok, Isaac Pickell, and Kathryne David Gargano. DQ founder John Williams is celebrated in the special John Williams Portfolio, which includes an excerpt from The Sleep of Reason and three critical responses.

Cover art by Stella Nall.

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Table of Contents

Author Title
Sarah Sterling Fragments 
Mary Leauna Christensen Inborn
Cindy Juyoung Ok

[There are places where    infants..]

[A generation of children learned..]

Sydney Gabrielle Mayes An Abecedarian about Stink
Erica Stern  The Nanny
Ruth Berman Night Group Application
Chaim Ben Avram Aliyah (a primer)
Kevin Mclellan A  Red Sun
Satya Dash Exile
Isaac Pickell It's not over once you figure it out
Lindsay Herko Swear Words in the Dark
Christopher Louvet

A Partial Taxonomy of Rocks

A Partial Taxonomy of Winds

Merrill Cole Man Shot First
Caroline Manring 21 Ways to Start an Essay about a Marathon
Kathryne David Gargano Pablo & Picasso
Eric Ellingsen This could around rounds anything
Christopher Brean Murray My Time and Speece
Daniel Green Nobody's Experimental Novel: On William Melivn Kelley
Alejandro Badillo 

Fragments of Others 

Translated by Al Jacobs

John Williams Portfolio



W. Scott Howard "Inevitable Accident[s]": John Williams and Denver Quarterly
John Williams From The Sleep of Reason
Alan Pendergast The John Williams Revival
Anne Maire Candido        Stoner and the John William Papers