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Denver Quarterly Volume 56 – Issue 2

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Denver Quarterly

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Denver Quarterly Issue 2 Cover

Denver Quarterly 56.2 features “All the Women I Know,” a photography-poetry collaboration by Christine Hume and Laura Larson, in addition to translations from the Turkish, Polish, French, and Chinese languages. This issue also includes the surreal microprose of Charlotte Turnbull, the ekphrastic poetry of R.J. Lambert, and new prose and poetry by Mary Cisper, JSA Lowe, Indrani Sengupta, and other emerging and established experimental writers.

Cover art by Britnie Walston.

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Table Of Contents

Author Title 
Mary Cisper

Flower Kept Alive by Putting in Water

An Invitible String Holds the Kite Aloft

Mehmet Said Aydin tereddüt
R.J. Lambert

After Félix González-Torres, Untitled, 1991

After Jane Hammond, Untitled, 1991

Cole Swensen Anonymity
Miron Bialoslewski Autoportret radnosy
Marie-Claire Bancquart

Plus Tard

Translated by Claire Eder and Marie Moulin-Salles

Yuan Changming 追求
Kevin Sterne Wild
John Goodnue Johnny, an excerpt
C.S. Carrier ARs Terroir
David Greenspan The Body Itself Crude & Chanted
R. Sam Ross Rhubarb
Christopher Shipman Brick
Charlottee Turnbull

Knuckle-deep into wrinkle Bark 

The Saucepans Are Haunted

Cameron Scott Cluster Fires
Stephanie Michele October 31, 2000
Christine Hume & Laura Larson All the Women I Know
Indrani Sengupta to write a hymeneal
Ty Newcomb

State v. Fessenden, 355 ORE. 759 (2014)

To Bison You Won't Miss

Simon Barker Penalty Notice
Marisa Tirado Before the Revolt 
Sophia Joan Our Mother's Confession
Cassidy Mcfadzean

Calyx of Held 

Shadow Racing

Andrew Collard Monster Movie
Jsa Lowe The trauma-mind
James Kelly Quigley On the Death of a Friend
Anthony Thomas Lombardi Self-portrait as murmuration
C.I. Aki The Freedom of Color: Harouna Ouédraogo Paints the Future Freely Black
Natalie Mau

Staring into the Flame:
A Review of Incendiary Art by Patricia Smith

Will Carpenter The Math Campers: An Ars Poetica for the Objective Correlative
Paloma Yannakakis A Way Out