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Denver Quarterly Volume 56 – Issue 3

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Denver Quarterly

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Denver Quarterly Issue 3 Cover

Denver Quarterly 56.3 opens with the special haptic acts portfolio, featuring work that, as guest editors Emily Barton Altman and Cass Eddington write, “makes visible the tools we do and do not know how to use, tools we fumble with, reaching we never grow tired of.” In addition to work in this portfolio by Timothy Donnelly, Petra Kuppers, Vi Khi Nao, and others, this issue includes poetry by Jen Frantz and Isaac George Lauritsen, prose by Exodus Oktavia Brownlow and Laura Hope-Gill, and much more.

Cover art by Alexander Richard Wilson.

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Table Of Contents

Haptic Acts

Author Title

Emily Barton Altman &

Cass Eddington

haptic acts: guest editors’ introduction
Sara Wainscott [Here glitter-lit the pop and break]
Emily Chan MetaBirkin
Dani Charles [Tonight to stay awake]
Petra Kuppers Reintegration
Willa Smart

a spread

a stopgap

Rocio Ceron

How to enter the Vatnajökull Glacier and survive with a mouthful of comet's breath

Translated by Dallin Law

Phoebe Wayne Attachment Poem
Ryan Skrabalak [a pickup fingers a man]
Vi Khi Nao Soiled Razor
Olivia Muenz the sickbed
Joe Milazzo Public Domain
Alix Anne Shaw Teleology
Jai Hamid Bashir

Aleph from What Was Once a Homeland

Again, Rabbits

Kyra Simone How to forget her on the other side of the continent 
Tracie Morris 

Top Floor 

Ears Nose and Throat, Boys, Men

The Dawning of the Age

Timothy Donnelly Home at Last


Author Title
Alexei Perry Cox Act One or One Act
Laura Hope-Gill The Dimension of Dog
Peter Krumbach 

Transfer of Power

And Somehow a Dog

Dale Stromberg The Biteworthy
Grzegorz Wroblewski

Night Shift

Translated by Piotr Gwiazda

Annah Browning A History of Incineration
Catherine Theis Various Instructions for California
Lauren Swift


Get out as early as you can 

Isaac George Lauritsen Brief Time Tangle with Tangerine
Arno Bohlmeijer A Circle or Metamorphis 
Alamgir Hashmi

Budget Speech

Sheltering in Place

Exodus Oktavia Brownlow A Grandma and Granddaughter Watch Television Together. Granddaughter Says That Life Is Supposed to Be the Blessing for Black People. Grandmother Says That Death Is Supposed to Be the Blessing for Black Folks. The Television Decides for Them Both.
Rodrigo Toscano The Revolution
Coco Picard The Many Other Witnesses
Emma Aylor Imaginem and Speculum
Michael Garcia Bertrand Cuban Trinity
Anzhelina Polonskaya

(. . .)

Translated by Andrew Wachtel

Oliver Baez Bendorf Nocturne
D.S. Waldman A Bell to Toll Me Back
Jen Frantz Buoyant Now Where Time is Love