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Denver Quarterly Volume 56 – Issue 4

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Denver Quarterly

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Denver Quarterly Issue 4 Cover

Denver Quarterly 56.4 begins with the special Indigenous Voices portfolio, highlighting new art, poetry, and prose by emerging and established Indigenous creatives across Turtle Island, including Billy-Ray Belcourt and Mackenzie Ground (Winner of the DQ Volume 56 Poetry Prize). Later in the issue, Jack Christian combines poetry and physics,  Alan Elyshevitz invokes Allen Ginsberg, Stella Wong expands the lyric moment, and Claire McQuerry and Céline Bourhis discuss translating experimental French poetry.

Cover art by Natalie Ball.

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Table Of Contents

Indigenous Voices

Author Title
The Editors  an Introduction
Mackenzie Ground first steps to urbs concrescence
Joe Balaz

Bowling wit Ulus

Grassroots Wala’au

Abigail Chabitnoy

Groundwater Wells 

This Has Happened Before

Groundwater Wells, Conditional



Makali’i and the Stars That Followed

DG Nanouk Okpik


Petrified Melt

Mind Warp

Billy-Ray Belcourt

From The Cruising Utopia Sonnets

Arianne True The Gravity of Joy


Author Title
Marie-Andree Gill

Five Poems from Chauffer le dehors

Translated by Kristen Renee Miller

Stella Wong

false pink reds translate no good wins

on a list of games that buddha would not play

Megan Snyder-Camp Laura your emergency
Talia Bloch


Elergy for the Censor

Peter Mishler Home Pod
Hussain Ahmed Chimera [Palm and Wine]
Jack Christian 

A New Law of Physics

The Field

Maria Hardin

The Lady of Shalott

Surrounded by MILFs at Taco Bell

Kristen Ihns 


Always on the Inside but the Goes Outside

Cody Ernst Sediment
Alan Elyshevitz A Supermarket in Philadelphia
Melissa Sauma

Viendo Liover


Translated by Ariel Francisco

Patricia Gao One Burried, One Chained
Liliana Ponce

De Más allá de la estación sombría

Translated by Michael Martin Shea

Randy James

Alabaman Bittersweet

A Brother Named Heavy

Virginie Lalucq

From Couper les tiges

Translated by Claire McQuerry and Céline Bourhis

Katherine Heimann Brown Rosie Fantana
A. C. Lippert Coffee with a Cult Leader: Trevor Baldwin's New Branch of Acting
Youngseo Lee two women walk into a bar,
Kelley Weber

“no sexless pastoral lol”:
Desire and the Bodily Rural Hymn of Cody-Rose Clevidence’s Aux/Arc Trypt Ich: Poppycock & Assphodel; Winter; A Night of Dark Trees

Melissa Kwasny The Valley
Adrian T. Quintanar

Blood Sense

Elegy for All Things Departed