In the Department of Political Science, you'll study politics, in breadth and depth, through foundational 1000-level courses and explore advanced courses in four sub-fields within political science, including political theory, law, American politics, and comparative and international politics.

You can pursue a traditional major or minor in political science, or you can apply for our Global Masters Scholars program with Lund University to complete your BA and MS degrees in five years. No matter what degree path you take, you'll develop writing, critical thinking, public speaking and analytical skills crucial for a wide range of careers.

Explore Sub-Fields

As a political science major, you must take at least one course in each of our four sub-fields. This ensures that you are exposed to a broad range of political science concepts.

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    Political Theory

    Analyze the multiple meanings of fundamental political concepts, such as rights and responsibility, power and justice, and explore how these concepts are embodied in various political orders.

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    Examine the relationship between legal and political systems to develop a foundation in legal reasoning, judicial processes, and the relationship between law and society.

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    American Politics

    Gain a better understanding of the American political process, political institutions, and the tactics used by political players to gain and maintain support.

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    Comparative & International Politics

    Critique and critically compare different countries’ political systems, their impacts, and the reasons why various countries interact with one another as they do.

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Global Masters Scholars Program with Lund University

The Department of Political Science at the University of Denver partners with Lund University in Sweden to offer a five-year dual degree opportunity for students.

In this program, you'll study at the University of Denver for three years, and then study abroad at Lund University to complete your BA and MS in political science. If you are accepted into the program, you'll take courses at Lund for the fourth year of your bachelor's degree and you'll complete your master's degree at Lund in your fifth year. All of the courses you'll take at Lund for your final year and for your master's program are taught in English.

Lund is a city of approximately 100,000 residents in the south of Sweden, about a 30-minute train ride from Copenhagen, Denmark. Lund University ranks 60th in the world for research universities, and their department of political science has a permanent faculty of approximately 39 professors and 10 to 15 postdoctoral fellows who teach and engage in research.

  • First Three Years at DU
    • 6 courses in PLSC* (24 credits)
    • All common curriculum requirements
    • All minor requirements OR all requirements for a second major
    • INTZ 2501 (2 credits) during junior year
    • 3.5 minimum GPA overall and in PLSC courses
    • Apply for Global Masters Program in Political Science in fall or winter of your first or second year
    • Apply for study abroad in winter of your third year
    • 135 credits at DU

    *Including one lower-division introductory course, one upper-division course in the sub-field of American politics, PLSC 2901, and three further upper-division courses in any sub-field as long as at least one is from law, political theory, or comparative and international politics.

  • Fourth Year at Lund University
    • Complete 60 credits (transfers as 48 DU credits) of political science courses and a bachelor's thesis**
    • Apply for Lund MS program
    • Earn BA from DU with a major in political science (total of 183 credits)

    ** May qualify for departmental distinction for eligible students

  • Fifth Year at Lund University
    • Complete 60 credits of political science courses and a master's thesis
    • Earn MS in political science from Lund University
  • How to Apply

    Email to obtain an application form. Please type your responses on the form and print the completed application. Sign the form and bring the signed copy to the political science office, Sturm 466.

    For more details about the program, visit the Global Masters Scholars page.

    Please contact the department chair, Joshua C. Wilson, if you have any questions.