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Our team of researchers explore evidence-based assessments and interventions for anxiety, building science that can help improve treatment for children and adolescents in community and clinical settings. Read more about our director, graduate students, research assistants, research coordinators and collaborators.

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Our Team

  • Graduate Students
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    Anni Subar

    Anni is a second-year clinical child psychology doctoral student in the BRAVE Lab. She received a BA in psychology and Spanish from the University of Michigan in 2017. Following graduation, she completed a Post-baccalaureate IRTA fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health in the section on development and affective neuroscience under the supervision of Daniel Pine, PhD.

    Anni's research interests center on targeting cognitive and psychophysiological processes that may be markers of youth anxiety, with the goal of translating these findings into novel, evidence-based behavioral interventions. Her research also focuses on examining the interplay between cognitive bias, anxiety status and parental processes (e.g., parental control, parental accommodation) underlying the onset and maintenance of pediatric anxiety and related disorders. In her free time, Anni enjoys attending concerts, practicing yoga and exploring new areas of Denver.

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    Emily Jones

    Emily is a first-year clinical psychology doctoral student in the BRAVE Lab. After receiving her BA in psychology from Cornell University, she pursued an Intramural Research Training Award fellowship in Daniel Pine's section on development and affective neuroscience at the National Institute of Mental Health.

    Broadly, her research interests include understanding the cognitive and social mechanisms underlying the development of anxiety and related disorders and leveraging these findings to inform behavioral interventions for children and adolescents.


  • Research Coordinator
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    Avery Stackle

    Avery graduated from the University of Denver in July of 2020. She received a BA in psychology and criminology and a minor in international studies from DU. She was previously working in the Traumatic Stress Studies lab at DU, where she completed her honors thesis under the supervision of Anne DePrince, PhD. In her honors thesis, she examined whether a trauma-informed forensic interview would be beneficial for interviewing victims of crime.

    Avery's research interests include working to improve police techniques in order to both help victims of crime through the investigative process and improve the efficacy of the investigative process. She is also interested in better understanding criminal behavior, as both a tool to solve crimes and to potentially pinpoint characteristics in individuals early to connect them to services—in hopes of reducing crime. Avery enjoys reading, trying new coffee shops and taking her dog Lincoln on walks in her free time.

  • Research Assistants
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    Kendall Ungerman

    Kendall is a junior undergraduate student at the University of Denver in the University Honors Program. She is pursuing a BS in psychology with distinction and is pursuing minors in chemistry and criminology. She is interested in mental health, particularly in children and adolescents, and hopes to one day work in forensic psychology. Kendall enjoys all forms of writing but has a passion for journalistic writing, loves to try new things (especially different types of coffee) and has a soft spot in her heart for animals.



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    Georgia Maxey

    Georgia received a BFA in studio art from Southern Methodist University in 2007. She is currently in her first year of the marriage and family therapy master's program at Regis University. After receiving her master's degree, Georgia hopes to do research that serves underrepresented couples.



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    Sofia Barnes-Horowitz

    Sofia graduated from the University of Richmond in May of 2020 with a BA in healthcare studies and political science. She is taking a gap year before hopefully pursuing a master's in psychology and later a PhD in clinical psychology. Sofia is interested in dissemination and implementation research for clinically effective treatments. She is especially interested in focusing on translating effective treatment strategies for children and adolescents into real-world applications, particularly for clinicians working in underserved communities.

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    Danielle Becker

    Danielle is a first year Counseling Psychology Masters student in the BRAVE lab. She received her BA in psychology from Florida State University where she served as a research coordinator for Alexandria Meyer, PhD. Broadly, her research interests lie in examining the relationship between parenting styles and psychopathology, specifically anxiety and depression, in children. In her free time she enjoys gardening and tending to her many houseplants as well as exploring the nature surrounding Denver.


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    Tommy Epling

    Tommy is a junior undergraduate student at the University of Denver. He is pursuing a BS in psychology and a minor in Mandarin. He hopes to one day work in a nonprofit providing mental health services for underfunded school districts. Tommy spends his free time playing guitar in his friends’ band, finding cool clothes at thrift stores and is passionate about sustainability.



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    Emily Agid

    Emily is a first-year graduate student pursuing an online master of arts in psychology at Pepperdine University. She previously graduated from the University of Denver in 2017 with a BS in business administration and hospitality management. After a few years in the industry working mainly in hotel operations and catering sales/event planning, she decided to transition back to a long-standing interest and passion for the field of psychology. She is mainly interested in child and adolescent mental health and believes that being proactive with mental health discussion, evaluation, and treatment early on will decrease the number of adults who cope with debilitating mental health disorders. Emily’s next major career goals are to pursue her PhD in clinical psychology and continue research on children and adolescents.

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    Christine McGrath

    Christine is a junior undergraduate student at the University of Denver. She is pursuing a BS in psychology with a concentration in cognitive neuroscience and minors in biology and Spanish. She is working towards becoming a therapist because she believes therapy has a unique opportunity to foster growth within individuals and to help people lead more meaningful and enjoyable lives. She believes the connection and understanding developed in therapy have the potential to positively change how people relate to themselves, others and the world. She enjoys dancing and exploring nature in her leisure time. 


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    Paige Wise

    Paige is a first-year undergraduate student at the University of Denver. She is majoring in psychology (BA) and international studies with a minor in entrepreneurship. She hopes to one day combine these two fields (e.g., working in a mental health capacity with immigrant youth). She also loves going on random adventures, as well as spending time with family and friends.

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BRAVE Lab Collaborators

The BRAVE Lab has collaborations with investigators at several other institutions, including John Piacentini, PhD, and colleagues at the Child OCD, Anxiety, and Tic Disorders Program in the UCLA Division of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry; V. Robin Weersing, PhD, at the Child & Adolescent Anxiety & Mood Program in the SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology; and Araceli Gonzalez, PhD, at the Family Anxiety & Mood Program at California State University Long Beach.


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