The Child Health and Development Lab has developed a set of research-based curricula that together provide trauma-processing and stress-management support for adults. These curricula are intended to support adults who are caregiving for children, or professionals involved in child mental health and development. We provide periodic training on our curricula as well as downloadable resources to help increase support for caregivers.

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Stress and Trauma Curriculum


    The Science of Parenting with Resilience and Optimism Under Toxic Stress (SPROUTS) is an eight-week fully online or hybrid curricula for families. The purpose of this curricula is to help mitigate inter-generational trauma and is designed to be delivered by local family liaisons, directors, ECMH consultants and the like. 

  • Seedlings

    The Seedlings curriculum was developed to help new parents who are expecting a child or have child five years of age or younger learn about and mitigate the impact of stress and trauma. Together, participating parents and facilitators will identify and nurture the seeds of hope, strength, knowledge and love within themselves and each other as each family prepares to nurture a new child. A key goal is to build relationships to strengthen their families moving forward.   

    Seedlings is a 10-week in-person class for expecting parents.

  • Branches

    There are two versions offered of Branches. Version one of Branches is for childcare directors (Branches D). Version two is for family friends and neighbor providers (Branches FFN) to support education and help mitigate the impacts of stress and trauma.

    Branches is a six week online or in-person workshop.

  • Roots

    The Roots curriculum was designed specifically for mental health providers and mental health consultants to support education and help mitigate the impacts of stress and trauma.  

    Roots is a three day in-person workshop for mental health trainers and consultants

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